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Shades of Sacred


What is sacred?

One of my favorite words.

Evoking thoughts and feelings of a thousand sacred things.

Hugs from my children. Looking into the faces of people I love.

A sleeping dog in my lap.

The scent of incense burning. Altars full of shiny things. 

The sweet release of a good cry. A warm mug on a cold day.

Music. Laughter. Roses. Chocolate. Starbucks!

It’s the ritual and sanctuary. The drawing in, close to the heart.

The silent prayers.

The people, places, feelings, inspirations.

The slow, sweet hum beneath life’s chaos.

What is sacred?


We think it too precious. Like good china, out for the special occasions.

Isn’t life special?

Shouldn’t the whole of life be sacred? 

This isn’t a dress rehearsal.

It’s opening night, center stage. 

Every aspect, every moment,

a shade of sacred.